NEW! BenBow Leather-Repair-Kit with paint

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BenBow leather smart repair kit consisting of leather paint, solvent, sealant (50ml each) a sponge and a cloth

    • Restore the luxurious feel of your leather interior!
    • The BenBow leather tint is the perfect product for repairing your leather furniture or car seats
    • The kit contains a pre-paint solvent, the color of your choice and a seal.
    • Easily and quickly restore the original contrasting and colorful leather color
    • Easy patching and toning of worn areas Easy patching and toning of worn areas
    • Example: about 30ml is sufficient for local damage, such as repelled corners on handbags or worn steering wheels, shift knobs

The set contains:

1x 50ml leather color of your choice
1x 50ml solvent
1x 50ml sealing, so that the color is protected against environmental influences
1x cloth
1x sponge, for painting the leather

The BenBow tint is used to refresh the color of single-color, semi-glossy smooth leather on car or furniture upholstery, bags and jackets with scratches, abrasions and slight fading.

Only about 30ml are sufficient for local damage such as repelled corners on handbags and worn steering wheels and shift knobs. The set is sufficient for vehicle equipment with typical, partial wear surfaces of the front seats or with wear marks on the contact surfaces of furniture.

The set includes a pre-paint solvent, the color of your choice and a seal.

• BenBow tinting is only suitable for coloring on small surfaces!
• BenBow Tint is a paint freshener for damage. At most, damaged surfaces are refreshed from seam to seam in terms of color. Healing surfaces do not get better with a refresh of colors. Only clean and maintain such surfaces.
• BenBow tint can also be applied with a spray gun. The result is more even, especially for very large areas.
• Irregularly applied BenBow tint can be leveled with a sanding pad before another job is done.
• Always check first if the color fits correctly before working on a large scale.
• Various BenBow colors can be mixed together for color matching. But you need a good color feeling.
• For local repairs, the BenBow tint can also be applied to artificial leathers and plastics.
• Always dry the BenBow tint with a hair dryer. It speeds up the process immensely. If you let dry without a hair dryer, you usually smeared the previously applied layers.
• Always work only at normal room temperatures! Especially in cold temperatures, the BenBow tint does not dry well enough and the work is not fun in damp temperatures.
• Take enough time to work. Color refreshes in leather are just made fast for professionals. Who goes to work in peace, gets better results.