Benbow PK60 Gravity Feed Paint Gun

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  • The new BenBow PK60 is a multi-purpose spray gun for daily use in paint shops and workshops. It is the price/performance winner of BenBow’s new PK series. You get a really well crafted, high quality spray gun that can easily compete with similar models from other manufacturers.
  • The body is made of high quality aluminium and the needle and tip are made of stainless steel. The spray gun has no O-rings and all seals are made of Teflon. You can work with a variety of fluids without the gun leaking or rusting.
  • The new BenBow PK60 has been completely redesigned by us and features a particularly comfortable, ergonomic design. In our partner companies different variants were tested and this form was preferred by the large number of the painting masters.
  • The paint spray gun is particularly comfortable to hold and is incredibly precise to operate, because it is so light but can still be held with a firm and secure grip.
  • The jet can be adjusted as desired and the material is always atomized precisely and evenly. This cap consumes less air volume and produces a medium pressure. Essentially, it consumes less air than a HVLP air cap, but with slightly more pressure than HVLP. The end result is that the transfer efficiency is similar to that of HVLP air pistols (about 60%).

The paint spray gun’s setting can be adjusted continuously and accurately, so that you always have full control over your tool.

Both the use of stainless materials and the state-of-the-art nozzle and air cap make this spray gun ideal for modern water-based paints.

The design is ultramodern and every working day is a feast for the eyes and it will also delight your customers.

Technical properties:
HVLP spray gun with accessories
Air consumption (100%): 10.6 CFM/300 lpm
Cup size: 600ML
nozzle size: 1.4 + 1.8 mm
Spray pattern: 260mm for a 1.3mm nozzle
Operating pressure: 2.0 bar
Air inlet: 1/4″.
Operating temperature: 5-40℃
Weight: 498g

The set includes:

-1x BenBow PK60 spray gun
-2x Air cap 1.4 + 1.8
-2x needle
-2x nozzle
-1x material cup 600ml

“I got this gun for small paint jobs and I am quite amazed how precisely it works. I also have another one, cheaper spray gun and it is more suitable for hobby work only. The one from BenBow is almost professional. Amazing price-performance ratio.” – Astonishingly good