BenBow 626: 4-part polishing sponge set for a complete paint correction with lambskin pad

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Large 4-piece set with polishing sponges. A set of pads that allow a complete correction of the paint on soft paint. & Nbsp;

  • 4 polishing pads for a complete paint correction. 1 lambskin pad and 3 pads in different hardness
  • Made of uniform and equally long, high quality fibers
  • Enough pads for the first and second stage, as well as the finish

    1 pce lambskin pad highly aggressive, very soft with a diameter of 83mm black & nbsp;

    The Microfiber Pad was developed for effective cutting and cuts working hours immensely. This is possible through the use of a unique fiber fabric. The polishing sponge allows fast and safe sanding of deep scratches and leaves a uniform surface. The innovative Sleek Shape solution extends the life of the product through the use of perfectly uniform and equally long fibers. & Nbsp;

    1 pc. 83 mm x 25 mm Blue Very hard polishing pad

    The blue pad is for working with first stage polishing pastes and matting pastes. The structure is characterized by high aggressiveness and helps to permanently remove deep scratches, while the surfaces are prepared for subsequent steps of paint correction. Use: Reinforcement of cutting action for pastes and polishes.

    1 pc. 83mmx25mm medium hard polishing pad

    Yellow pad for working with second stage polishing pastes. The structure of the pad keeps the paste on the surface and ensures good particle development and full utilization of the paste. Application: with single stage pastes and for the second step.

    1 pc. 83 mm x 25 mm Soft Polishing Pad

    Black pad for working with past-stage pastes. The foam structure quickly releases heat. Application: Anti-hologram pastes and mechanical polishing.