BenBow 625: 2-part polishing sponge set 83 mm x 25 mm

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Set of 2 polishing pads that allow a thorough correction of paint in two stages.
The set consists of:

1 piece Swap pad 83 mm x 25 mm white

Swap has been designed to work with first-level polishing pastes and matting pastes. The foam structure is characterized by high aggressiveness and helps permanently remove deep scratches, while the machined surfaces are prepared for further steps. Use: to enhance the grinding effect of pastes.

1 piece 83 mm x 25 mm red

The red pad for faster surface finishing on hard paints. The foam structure keeps the paste on the surface of the sponge and ensures accurate particle development and full paste utilization. Application: For polishing pastes, easy to polish, best for the finish or cleaning.