BenBow 333 PRO: Polishing sponges 5-piece SET (2x Black, 1x Orange, 2xWhite) 50 x 150mm With velcro polishing attachment car polish pads polishing car wool polishing pad polishing pad

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  • The black BenBow Pad is the secret weapon against holograms. It is designed for the final step to give your polish a terrific finish.
  • The orange BenBow Pad is placed in the middle of the BenBow Pads in terms of hardness. The foam structure allows both abrasive and polishing pastes to be efficiently processed without being too aggressive on the surface. Intended for the first and second steps.
  • The White BenBow Pad is designed for the first and second steps of polishing. It allows a very precise working with grinding and polishing pastes
  • High quality sponges for professional use
  • Suitable for daily work in your detailing studio

    The professional kit from BenBow for paint shops or detailing studios. 5 different polishing sponges for each step of the paint correction.