Benbow schaumkanone Reinigungspistole + CLEANTECH Aktivschaum, Jetz Neu! Autoshampoo

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Set for pre-wash or main laundry of vehicles with a foam cannon and active foam.

The Benbow-CleanTech foam set can be used particularly well in regular car washing. Clean your car first with this kit before cleaning the paint mechanically.

Active foam set:

In this set you will receive a compressed air foam cannon from Benbow and a matching CitrusFoam active foam from CleanTech with a pleasant, fresh citrus smell. The active foam effectively removes dirt and degreases the surface of the paint. The product is safe for varnishes and does not affect ceramic coatings, waxes, seals or seals applied to it. The active foam is ejected from the foam cannon in a wide jet and settles evenly on the paint. There, it works and reacts with the dirt on the surface of the paint and pulls it down. This combination of chemical and gentle mechanical cleaning allows thorough pre-wash.

Active foam:

CleanTech CitrusFoam The product is a highly efficient active foam for regular washing or a thorough pre-wash of heavily dirty vehicles. It cleans and degreases very quickly and thoroughly, does not affect the paint and has a very pleasant citrus fragrance.

➡ Foam cannon:

The BenBow foam cannon is easy to use and can be used quickly by everyone. It is diluted accordingly with active foam and creates wonderful, dense foam thanks to the supplied compressed air, which is sprayed onto the paint in a wide jet.


BenBow foam gun product information:

Plastic funnel
Red silicone nozzle.
Air consumption: 200-250 l/min at 6 bar.

Citrus Foam Product Information:

Benbow foam cannon PA 1:8 - 1:20