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1.3 MM THIN SIZE - Area of application: primer, filler, undercoat, basecoat i.e. basecoats that need to be applied quickly.

FOR PROFESSIONALS - developed by a professional painter who has taken care of all the fine details. The knobs respond smoothly, without jerking - like other cheap spray guns.

HVLP TECHNOLOGY - HLVP stands for High Volume Low Pressure - this means that the BenBow PK80 spray gun delivers a spray mist with high paint or varnish coverage and provides an excellent spray pattern.

VERY ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - the body is made of high quality aluminium, the needle and tip are made of stainless steel. The spray gun has no O-rings, all seals are Teflon coated - there is no risk of leakage or rust. Nozzle and air hose connection are easily replaceable.

SUPPLY: Paint spray gun BenBow PK80, 1x air cap 1.3 mm, 1x needle, 1x nozzle 1.3 mm, 1x material cup 600 ml, 1x brush, 1x key for the nozzle, 1x compressed air coupling;