Benbow druckluft Reinigungspistole Classic + CLEANTECH Universal Reiniger, APC Set Multi Auto

Artikelnummer Benbow-100+5C-9-1

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The perfect set for cleaning vehicle interiors.

The Benbow-CleanTech Cleaning Kit is ideal for removing annoying dirt so you can enjoy your clean car!

Cleaning set:

In this set you will receive a Benbow compressed air cleaning gun and a matching APC universal cleaner from CleanTech. The highly effective cleaning agent quickly and thoroughly removes greasy residue from care products or impurities from arm dashboards, middle tunnels and doors. The universal all-purpose cleaner cleans with the help of the cleaning gun and its physical tornado effect, ventilation slots, storage compartments and surfaces on the dashboard. A dilution in the ratio of 1:10 or 1:5 when cleaning the engine compartment, is absolutely sufficient for a thorough cleaning.

Universal cleaner:

APC is a concentrated, very strong, universal product for cleaning the heaviest dirt from plastics, vinyl, fabric upholstery and other interior elements. Its very strong degreasing properties help to eliminate even the most difficult stains and dirt. It can also be used to pre-clean the bodywork, rims and other exterior elements. Washes wax and sealants that are on the body perfectly. Safe for clean surfaces.

Cleaning device:

The BenBow Cleaning Gun is a tool designed to remove dirt from any surface. The dirt is soaked together with sand, dust and crumbs and soaked through the whirlwind in the funnel. There it settles down and can then be rinsed in a bucket with water, for example.


BenBow product information:

Air consumption: 200-250 l/min.

CleanTech product information:

From 1:1 - the strongest dirt.