Benbow druckluft Reinigungspistole Classic + CLEANTECH Autodressing Cockpitpflege, Jetz Neu! Armaturenreiniger

Artikelnummer Benbow-102+5C-11-1

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Set for cleaning and caring for vehicle interiors.

The Benbow-Cleantech CO cleaning and care set can be used particularly well in regular car washing. Clean and maintain your interior in a gentle and comfortable way and then enjoy your clean and fragrant vehicle.

Cleaning set:

In this set you will receive a compressed air cleaning gun from Benbow and a matching inside cleaner from Cleantech Co with a pleasant citrus smell. The inside cleaner combines the properties of detergents with cockpit care products. Especially suitable for large surfaces to protect them from cracks and dryness. The inside cleaner cleans and nourishes with the help of the included cleaning gun and its physical tornado effect. Plastics, vinyl, upholstery and Alcantara as well as surfaces on the dashboard. Dilution is not necessary, because the product is ready to use.

➡ Universal cleaner:

CLEANTECH CO Inside Cleaner. The product is a universal multi-purpose cleaner for the vehicle interior. It effectively removes stubborn dirt from plastic, vinyl, upholstery and Alcantara - i.e. all materials that can be cleaned on dashboards and in cockpits. It does not discolour fabrics and leaves no marks and streaks, even on dark dashboards. The inside cleaner is ideal for thorough and complex cleaning of the interior of your car while leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance.

➡ Cleaning device:

The BenBow cleaning guns are easy to use and can be operated by everyone as soon as possible. The dirt is softened together with sand, dust and crumbs and sucked into the funnel by the whirlwind. There it settles and can then be rinsed out in a bucket with water.